Chengzi lak

The summer of that year, Chengzi lake water back several years, this is a rare opportunity for fishing. That day, I and a few friends are in a hurry to go. I want to go, there is no water of the lake, even if no experience can easily pick up a few fish. Let me be disappointed that the consumption of water of the lake is like a desert, so I do not know how to start.
To the lake, the swamp has been covered with footprints, looks like a lot of people. Far see someone picked up the fish, is a step toward the shore. Overjoyed with several of my friends counterparts, while rolled up trouser legs, side immediately ran down.
I saw several pieces of dark clouds floating over the horizon, if there is rain. But I have now come to the shore, if not always feel pity. I saw several children; barefoot, Xipixiaolian shore, like making fun of me online digital agency. No way, I had to go on a hard scalp.
When they heard a lot about the story of Chengzi lake, said a long time ago, there was a stone county, later by the small white dragon mother flooded, also formed Chengzi Lake now. The small white dragon mother was in the town of evil emperor Kameyama a wells in May of each year thirteen small white dragon will come to visit because of Chengzi lake, the wellhead is locked, and a day to guard, small white dragon can only stand on the curb and mother talk. It is said that at that time always Chengzi lake of strong winds, heavy rain, in fact it is the small white dragon crying and tears.
Zhou Yuan Wu boss is seen small white dragon, a water consumption early, he one day to go fishing, back has been dark, he accidentally fell into the mire, only the nose and mouth exposed above travel to Hong Kong and Macau. He cried for two days and two nights, and his voice was hoarse before he was found. After he was rescued, bending back no straight over, since people are called he Wu turtle kidneys.
I knew him when he was more than and 70 years old, I asked about the things through, he said solemnly, fell into the quagmire second night, he saw the little white dragon to explore the mother. The dragon was circling in the sky, when the big winds, clouds, the earth trembled. I smiled politely, that he must have been confused, if there is a small white dragon, that in the years of the fishermen have seen!
The fisherman is floating in the lake, I told them about this matter, they said they didn’t see, but it is not seen, but they are convinced! I don’t know why they are, but I think they are so mysterious. I remember, the man had the rhythm of the fishermen fish will sit to bow to tie shrimp bar, women who just to catch fish, they are not what strange place.
The only thing that makes me unpredictable is their language, and the local dialect is quite different, it sounds extremely arduous. I remember their name is profound, what is the name of three Kua, many four cat people, these names for me as jamukha, Maimaiti, Abu River, as well as confused.
I have a question, whether there is a lake as a person who do not know the place, is a small white dragon? Or his mother’s residence? In middle school, I have about a few classmates along the dirt road Mizobe kiln has come to the Chengzi lake to prove, a heart of doubt, I can only see the lake on a piece of the sea, there is no other what.
Sound is the most beautiful! In the early days, I in Chengzi lake aquatic breeding, to listen to the sound of the bow used to sit in the middle of the night. The ancients certainly heard, and now the voice and then should be the same, there will not be much change. I and they listen to the same sound, but I do not know whether also thought the same problem, that is the legend about the droller of Chengzi lake company registration in hong kong.


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