That year is too hasty

Maybe you are youth hong kong tourist attraction, maybe you are not young, we have youth or youth, youth there are too many things worthy of our nostalgia, we cry in the youth, laughed, worked, struggle Too, a lot of harvest, but also lost a lot, but also a little regret, but never regret it…. Tovább »

A person’s leisure trip

The wall tiles is a fan carved windows, the wall on the other side of Vientiane screened two moving scene, Wu comfortable light breeze swagger, inadvertently cast a glance at the instantaneous, was drawn, so mind earnestly, only rush around to the way to heaven. After arrival, it is the beauty of countless very close,… Tovább »

Acacia too far too close to loneliness

Love too far too close to who is open-minded and lonely, looking at the cloud Laiyan to see the spring, autumn, moisten the ink brush, to a flower, but now it is full of melancholy, love into a disease, no longer have pride. Once is clear, disillusioned, sing the song throughout the ages, The mighty… Tovább »
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