Acacia too far too close to loneliness

Love too far too close to who is open-minded and lonely, looking at the cloud Laiyan to see the spring, autumn, moisten the ink brush, to a flower, but now it is full of melancholy, love into a disease, no longer have pride. Once is clear, disillusioned, sing the song throughout the ages, The mighty river flows eastward., pay in the joke, but now it is a wisp of tears, rain, and has become the past. Is your passion to titillate the whisper of my heart’s desire, your charming smile seduced my sleeping is the warmth you hung soul, looking back into my life thought HKUE ENG. You are a graceful edge ah, love you is a curtain of flowers you dream, Yinrun excellence, and colorful, zenbu is Fusipianpian; your graceful amorous, beautiful as snow, zenbu is The imprint is engraved on my heart. A beautiful woman to pursue beauty is pleasing to the eye, and you kind of elegant, Ning Gan Xin Yi, if the belly there is poetry and elegant natural aura, beautiful people are more cheerful and pleasing to the eye. I am more heroic, more clear, also disappear in front of you, the end is formed around the tender feelings, into the endless love. Good to spend long, in good times don’t last long. Why do we have to the East like birds flying in different directions, why tourism online training? Love is simple, but difficult to “dependent on the film? Why couples will hurt my affectionate eyes? No matter how far away, no matter apart for too long, your tenderness, your Qin Xiang, I already feeling under house arrest, but I never more you don’t love love, could not fly out of your sweet love Township, even under the cloth trap you, even if you are located under the most dangerous places, I am also willing to stoop, bound your warmth of the cage. Just for you, once a glance with a smile, just as we have the third month, about tenderness in hand. You go this for two years, my love is hard to tell, cold and hard to describe. Originally, brush pen can clear stream fly, now the single micro pen to tell how this affection, shallow paper can lonely bearing. “Not because of loneliness, just think of, but because of loneliness”, not because of the habit of thinking of you, but because you have a habit of thinking. Miss need not use keyboard to knock out, network transmission, radio missing is the soul, do you mind not to accept the pre-set channel? What day is lovesickness known, the moon, the purple red, who is the sorrow of parting. In the cold, exile thoughts, let Miss Flower, as raging like a storm, Anxiang floating; let the thoughts such as snow white floats; let miss the tide and soul stirring. A hazy, unlimited reverie, I miss going over the distant, back to back away from the trials of a long journey, a thousand hundred day night, acacia is always so profound. Loneliness is always so close, a turn around, a thought, a cup of tea, a wine, loneliness, that is, to. Acacia is far but I have thought of you were lonely, too close, I can only use the tea wine every day together. Why have the edge of the lonely than missed the edge of the lonely lonely, the edge of the loneliness is the deepest, the most painful, the most helpless pain. Love is too far, lonely too close, acacia is bitter and tired, lonely is intolerable ielts exam date!


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