A person’s leisure trip

The wall tiles is a fan carved windows, the wall on the other side of Vientiane screened two moving scene, Wu comfortable light breeze swagger, inadvertently cast a glance at the instantaneous, was drawn, so mind earnestly, only rush around to the way to heaven. After arrival, it is the beauty of countless very close, and then let the body and mind, swim willfully, linger Best Restaurants in Hong Kong.
In a person’s journey, I often encounter such a situation. Leisurely wandering in front of the shelves, touch a notebook or thick or thin spines, finally find a favorite book, the heart is often over with similar feelings. Think carefully, read books and books, why not open a mind travel?
Open a Book of fairy tales, purity, innocence and kindness will be tiny spots from atrial germination; through a youth novel, beautiful and throbbing again like raindrops splashed in the eyes and body; browsing history books away, and will be visible before the eyes the glint and flash of cold steel Gujiao contend; his brigade running script, beautiful scenery, interesting people, the heart was ready to seduce……
Never put all kinds of books to read all the books with boundless ambition, knowledge is boundless, as a drop in the bucket of the individual, can read his book is love supreme luxury. Like the book, at the beginning of the time will see the author, look at the cover, read the copy, like the words on the. So at first love when you read, read a lot of books, Guo Jingming and Han Han like the brightly coloured cover Hong Kong Cruises.
Later, began to pay attention to the rhythm and beauty of the text. The university had put it down to Shen Congwen and Wang Zengqi two in the master’s works. Read a thick book of “border town” is not satisfied, he found a “long time study of Wang Zengqi poetry and painting”. They are elegant words to attract, once want to go to Xiangxi to see, to see where the mountains and rivers, if possible, to encounter a girl called Xiu xiu.
Now more and more heavy love reading, simple words, simple words, but the image of thousands of grand and magnificent book. I was a. Read her “dust song”, could not help but read her “light dust” and other books. Prose and novels mixed together and read, had read the “sun burning body, kongmang Yao I blinding” cold and very touching.
All this soul travel experience, belong to my own, and the most beautiful scenery, is the one before but xiangjianhenwan book. I wander around in the book, more and more close to more and more close to my soul.
Who said, reading, is in order to meet another better oneself plan your trip hong kong.


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