That year is too hasty

Maybe you are youth hong kong tourist attraction, maybe you are not young, we have youth or youth, youth there are too many things worthy of our nostalgia, we cry in the youth, laughed, worked, struggle Too, a lot of harvest, but also lost a lot, but also a little regret, but never regret it. Everyone has a youth, every youth has a story, there is always a person, so you can not help but want to close; there is always a place to let you want to reach; also some time, so you can not help but miss; We have been crazy, struggling youth. When I look back, many years have passed away quietly, but in my youth dream seems to stay in place, but I can not catch this beautiful hotel and tourism management. Do not regret the dream return, only hated too hasty, youth is such a hurry, beautiful, people again miss. Sure enough, in a hurry that year, that year too hasty hotel and tourism management.


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