Unlucky home

One night, Mr. Wang will be his dog into the house to urinate, and then forget to put the dog into the TV, when he thought of opening the door was shocked, Because his dog dangling neighbor’s cat, and the cat is dead … “Dead dog … smelly dog! You actually do such a thing!” Mr nuskin hk. Wang after scolding for a while, calmly thinking about how to do! He dared not tell his neighbor, so he decided to clean the cat and put it in the neighbor’s hallway. He will be the cat to the bathroom, the cat’s blood and mud wash away, he repeated repeated washing, washed four times to be considered clean; then he will dry the cat and carding beauty, spent three hours to get a whole , Which makes the whole body and bathroom are dirty and stinky nuskin. Then he took advantage of the darkness of the night high, unconsciously cat on the neighbor’s porch. The next day, when he went out to work, his neighbor looked at him solemnly: “Hi, Mr. Wang, it was hell last night. Mr. Wang nervous cold sweat DC, said: “Oh, right, what?” “Yesterday morning my cat died, I buried it, this morning it was as usual lying in front of my house nu skin..” “… X ….”


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