Send you my heart hurt

July summer glow, gradually to the earth covered with a layer of light purple. At this point Fang fondly looked back at me, hesitantly and only hong kong company incorporation.

Summer wind gently blowing the Fang’s hair, and slightly swinging ponytail. I closely followed her to travel in the twists and turns of the wilderness on the road. In the sun in the Jin-hui Fang like a goddess,

Floating to the ground, behind the radiant with the splendor of splendor, dazzling aperture and even let me have an illusion.

I know Fang to go, maybe since then we will be apart, and go their separate ways.

Perhaps the time is always too thin, fingers are too wide. This lost time can never be copied, but the church we cherish and unbearable doubly unhappy. Classmates ten years, never changed. Just once you and I were transferred to the teacher a table, inadvertently I do not intend to touch you about the chest, your face ‘Teng’ red. I suddenly felt that we all grow up hk warrants.

Now I’m on your way to college. Although not picked out, but the intention of each other, love flowers open.

Chaoyang continued to rise, the weather is getting hot, when the wind is also a lot of light, grass forget the swaying, summer insects for my silence, only I and Fang hurried footsteps in singing. I know that life is alive, changeable, sub-sub-synthesis is inevitable. Feelings are subtle, and sometimes there is no reason to go, there is no reason to come. Fleeting years, who pale who’s waiting? Who no regrets who’s persistent! All are a leaf flashy, burst and fleeting.

Walked step by step, my heart about what the dancing. There are many words to say to you, there are many things to ask you. However, the mouth is spit it out. Do not send it! I am on the roadside and other large off cuboid mini 80w

On the train station on the line. You go back! Do not forget to call me. Fong’s remarks pulled me back from the preoccupied mind, I said a loss, well, goodbye! A withered leaves of the tree prematurely fly down, just hit my head, the first all right, the heart was injured!


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