Open in the hearts of Gesang Hua

I have been to the prairie, I have been to the desert, but also to the western Guangmao wilderness, but I have not seen Gesang Hua. Perhaps she is not open in the earth, but open in people’s minds.

When the milking mother pulled the child wandering around in the yurt, begging the child with the eyes that said, “Mom, I want to go to school.” My mother holds the empty purse, helpless looking at the distance. At this time, Gesang Hua opened! Sent the infinite hope, let the child into the school. Mother smiled. The face of helpless, with the grasslands over the clouds drifting away dermes vs medilase. The child laughed and turned on the grass.

Snowy season, Abba with a child tired in the cold yurt, no cotton, not burn red fire boring. Only bursts of cold wind beat Abba in the heart. Abba silently whisper: “Children, no cotton, how do you go to that not far from the school. At this time, Gesang Hua opened! Sent a thick coat, sent a pile of wood carbon. Abba laughed, warm carbon fire, healed the wrinkles on his face. The child laughed, in front of the school piled up snowman.

School house is broken, do not cover the wind, do not block the rain. Mr. sorrow is like rolling dunes. Mr. long sigh: “Oh! This house, let the children how to study.” Gesang flowers at this time! Sent the wood, sent the cement, sent the lime. Mr. smiled, his face sad, as wiped on the wall of lime, enjoy the stretch. The child laughed, tender little hand, wiping the window of bright glass SEO Hong Kong.

The old textbooks, knowledge to be updated, Abba and grandmother with the request of the eyes looking at Mr., Mr. helpless eyes looking at the child, the child with the eyes of desire that old desk looking at the old textbooks. This boundless repression in the school filled the air. At this time, Gesang Hua opened! Brought a brand new textbook, brought a new knowledge. Abba laughed, my mother laughed, Mr. smiled, the children laughed! . . This laughter in the blue sky a long time echoed in the sky.

In this sacred place of religion, I do not see people paying homage to their idols. But to see people on the Gesang Hua ‘s incomparable love. When people to Gesang Hua as the gods worship, but also ignited my incomparable respect. Gesang Hua! Gesang Hua in the hearts of people hong kong company registry!


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