This rainy night, who sounded the mind

Scattered on the floor of the flowers, can no longer open the once stunning, withered withered, she is still a beautiful residual. If no one can remember it, with the beauty of life that period of time, it is no longer to pursue. The past time, linking up the dream taogongliulu, as a poet once said, I put my sadness and loneliness, all lonely, with the most clear memory to write a sequel, the brightest period, only to later, my story can be used she found you, understand that a moment of my true feelings business bank account requirement.
The rain outside the window, not a tick, careless, banging on the glass, go up the curtains of light, looked through the screen and see the city in the rain, neon lights reflected in the rain, a beautiful night, I always dare not turn on the lights, curtain went to the desk the chair, gently release before sleeping off the music, as the volume jumped to a minimum, not with headset, afraid to take on the headset will not listen to be sprinkled on the night rain, even now I feel lonely in a daze, mind or you say those words.
Time ran out once broken shadow in my loneliness, how much the dim, how much of the change in transit, let the past some unforgettable stationed in the heart, once these words clearly written in my notes. Always remember that you are so sad tone, said to make me the most distressed words, no longer explain me, used to replace the silence, all you do not understand. Rain is still under the heart, but the moment is to break the silence, went to the balcony, standing in the rain and closed my eyes, feeling the rain soaked body cool sad, music playing, and so in the rain back out about everything about you.
The familiar will never be fuzzy, fuzzy still not familiar. I think in such a rainy night, I played from memory, sleeping in the open on the fine heart, remember wandering fragment. Life too much of the scenery, in the fleeting pictures show the simplicity, in fact; I really love you, just like this, if I do not love you, you will not have so much heartache later, but was not a heart, you want to indebted in the pieces like waiting.
This rainy night! Are you; knock on my thoughts fly, in the lonely space, spend a lonely soul, no distractions of your memory, you have with a pure innocence, I walked into the story, witnessed a way of grief at separation and joy in union time. Perhaps you have not experienced; my heart, as you say, why to love, but also love negative tired, suddenly reminded of this feeble words when the heart is still inevitable with pain, and finally caught in the rain outside the window for a long time business registration in hk.
Pick up a pen ink, when attacked with hesitation in waiting heart, I was wrong, I should not be with their own hands to create so many stories, in time, constantly changed, the passage of time in only later too many scars. Think carefully, if not me, then; there will not be later so much right and wrong? Do not want to, it has always been so bad! Always comfort others, but always learn not to comfort themselves, trivial memories of a mess, the original of these, are so unable to stand the test of time to us.
Some of the stories, like the flash of the scenery behind us in the journey, even if I miss, even if I can not forget, have become the past. Sometimes, I also like this sentence, all of the past is to have been, all miss, we have been seriously through. The hung up from time to time, looking out of the window of the rain, getting a little beyond words, the rain a familiar figure, the rain has gone past, the rain is more miss you, time dry memories, rain again to soak expansion Wedding planner.


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