Picking up old Tian Xiang

The summer of 1993, at the end of the day, Shenyang YuHongOu luxury residential area. A man carrying a sack of broken shabby in dress, in the area of the dustbin carefully rummage…… Flies “buzz” sound fly, regardless of the elderly. Suddenly, a bag of leftovers from the trash inside out, his face lit up,… Tovább »

Miss Wu’s entrepreneurial experience by pull the surface of the beautiful life

Entrepreneurship regardless of education level, regardless of industry, only the real action, in a failure to continue to learn from lessons learned, it is possible to venture success. Today, Xiao Bian to introduce you to Miss Wu Meiwen reading business experience Social Sciences programme. Guangzhou Longdong pedestrian street in the middle, there is a well-known… Tovább »

Since the know you, like you

One, two, a piece of leaf dance with the wind. Say leaves heart injury, miss the taste is 100 turn ileum. Is the winter, but also the snowflakes flying season, the North, Acacia Ruoxue. The vast sea of ​​people, we met, perhaps the edge, it is God’s arrangement, but in real life, we should not… Tovább »
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