Since the know you, like you

One, two, a piece of leaf dance with the wind. Say leaves heart injury, miss the taste is 100 turn ileum. Is the winter, but also the snowflakes flying season, the North, Acacia Ruoxue. The vast sea of ​​people, we met, perhaps the edge, it is God’s arrangement, but in real life, we should not believe too much fate. In real life I can not love, but not to accept you a deep feeling. Because I know the reality of their own, is so ordinary, is so common. I only love you deeply buried in the heart, control their own do not think about you thin client solutions. Since you know, you bring me happy, in my life and the mood of the lowest when your care and encouragement, inspired me to adhere to. You considerate and gentle influence of the cold heart, so I gradually from the confusion and disappointment came out. I know, I have too much sorry for your place, but you have to forgive me again and again, inclusive of me. You are a innocent girl, the idea of ​​love is simple, just want to have a day with you, protect you, care about you enough, this simple request I can not do, so , I can not really face you, only in the heart of silence want you. Acquaintance is the edge, love is a pain. Remember our acquaintance? Always think of, always feel ashamed of you. Although I think of you, but let you slip away from me, is my failure, so you give up my love. Think, if you love someone, can not be together, what kind of love it? Hearts have you, but the reality tells me, can not, not do not love your reasons, sometimes, love is not written in the text as poetic Of the spend. I do not want to find all kinds of excuses to hide your love, in fact, are my bad, maybe this life and love it suv car rental. See snowflake pieces flying, the earth a white, no longer looking for a trace of green shadow. I know, not the ruthless season, but the natural law of it. Winter will soon be over, when the spring comes, you will warm the green point of the world. No matter where, you can feel your warmth, your concern and your silent encouragement. We can not play in one place, but can not let me not think of you. I think, if there is an afterlife, we will meet it suv car rental? Snowflake chip heart little bit, Green shadow curl love journeying, Not drunk back Mou had met, Miss the dash into poetry.


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