Miss Wu’s entrepreneurial experience by pull the surface of the beautiful life

Entrepreneurship regardless of education level, regardless of industry, only the real action, in a failure to continue to learn from lessons learned, it is possible to venture success. Today, Xiao Bian to introduce you to Miss Wu Meiwen reading business experience Social Sciences programme. Guangzhou Longdong pedestrian street in the middle, there is a well-known Lanzhou noodle restaurant. Into the small restaurant that can only hold dozens of people, you will find it much more clean and tidy than the average fast food restaurant; and the business is also very prosperous. And this restaurant owner is only a junior high school culture level less than 30 years old Miss Wu. A junior high school level of women is how to become the boss that? With this question I interviewed the shop owner – Miss Wu. Miss Wu opened this restaurant although only a short period of six months. But her restaurant’s name is spread over half a long hole area. To the restaurant had eaten Lanzhou noodles people know that the ramen here is now selling now, and taste good and cheap. When you point as long as 5 yuan a bowl of Lanzhou ramen, you can at the scene to enjoy that noodles master noodles ramen noodle technology. So that you can still feast your feet before you can enjoy it. When asked about Miss Wu’s previous entrepreneurial experience. Miss Wu is just a smile, a bit like a smile, but the eyes are showing a strong and unyielding morale. Miss Wu then revealed her previous failure experience: six months ago, but also with others to open a restaurant, but because the election is not very good shop, the business is very cold, the results soon and her partner trouble. Finally, it is naturally a mess. This failed attempt to Miss Wu lost more than 10,000 yuan. But Miss Wu unwilling to fail, she pains meditation, from the failure to get a lesson – do restaurants must choose a large flow of people shop, but also to have their own characteristics of the dishes Social Sciences programme. From the failure of the mature Miss Wu began her bold and hard second business. She chose a stall in the middle of the Longdong pedestrian street, because there is no such as the central area of ​​the prime locations so expensive, and the flow of people is relatively large. This time she decided to do it alone. At this time she remembered the previous restaurant, a Lanzhou noodle master, she thought: now in Guangzhou, there is no special Lanzhou noodle restaurant. Why do not I open a restaurant to Lanzhou Ramen? So she called to contact the manager of the Lanzhou. As Miss Wu generous enthusiasm, that Lanzhou master quickly agreed to her. After a period of preparation, Miss Wu’s own Lanzhou noodle restaurant opened. But things did not like Miss Wu imagined as smooth sailing. First Menting deserted, because people do not know what is the taste of Lanzhou ramen, people do not want to spend 5 dollars to try something I do not know taste. And most people think that the food in the northwest with the film “bun” as no taste. And then the government came to ask her to engage in some necessary procedures and documents. Miss Wu is no doubt that it is even worse. The rest of the funds if all use, the failure is equal to the blood of the original ah Miss Wu after a doubling ideological struggle, or almost run out of the remaining money to engage in those necessary procedures and documents. Because she realized that there is no health permit and other necessary things, which guests dare to eat ah. After all the procedures, Miss Wu will come up with a way to attract customers. She called that noodle master even in the absence of people to patronize, but also in the store to do ramen. So that those who have not seen how to do ramen people are looking around in front of fresh. When the crowd more and more time, Miss Wu heart began to music. She saw the time is ripe, immediately cook a bowl of bowl of fragrant Lanzhou ramen, but also personally in front of people tasting up. People can not stand the temptation of fragrance, have walked into the restaurant … … Miss Wu is the use of this “smell fragrant dismount, know the taste of parking” approach to open the appetite of people in Lanzhou. So she earned her first pot of gold, so that she in a short period of six months to earn the cost of the shop. Speaking of this experience, Miss Wu’s face showing his face happy and proud QV Baby cream. When Miss Wu’s business slowly get better, she found that now alone two people have been busy but come. Naturally, she thought of the folks, but she did not call her relatives or friends, but posted job hiring, recruiting those who have experience. Miss Wu is now a small boss with five workers. Although the shop few people, but Miss Wu’s management of the workers or pay attention. She has strict demands and regulations for the division of labor for everyone. And she is mainly responsible for collecting money and answering a meal call. But when the guests too much, the workers are too busy, Miss Wu will also help to meet the guests. Because she thought that the guests left the restaurant is a taboo of the restaurant. So Miss Wu often asked the workers to “customer first”. However, Miss Wu her workers never put the kind of dignity of the boss, but to treat them as a friend. (When the author to do the investigation, Miss Wu is with the workers at a table to eat.) Asked her question, she smiled and said: “That is not necessary Well, I was just out of the countryside, and only junior high school culture Level. There are three of them graduated from high school. “Perhaps it is because Miss Wu this kind of good, warm and generous spirit, not only touched her workers also touched the customer bar. “In fact, in this commercial society, humanistic morality is also a necessary factor for a successful entrepreneur!”


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