Picking up old Tian Xiang

The summer of 1993, at the end of the day, Shenyang YuHongOu luxury residential area. A man carrying a sack of broken shabby in dress, in the area of the dustbin carefully rummage…… Flies “buzz” sound fly, regardless of the elderly. Suddenly, a bag of leftovers from the trash inside out, his face lit up, turned and looked at it again quickly around and saw no one, hastily torn plastic bag, grabbed the inside of the fat, won’t into your mouth. The old man mouth to chew, reveling in the long meat fragrance…… The old man named scavengers, Tian xiang. 60 year old, Songshan District, Chifeng City, to flee their homes because of the huge debt owed 170 thousand yuan, hiding in Shenyang by scavengers. At home, folks are looking around he dun. Liar! Fucking liar! Tian Xiang’s mysterious disappearance, let some people hated. All the folks’ hard-earned money nuskin hk! In May 25, 2013, the studio of Inner Mongolia TV station, the fourth moved Inner Mongolia people awards ceremony held. TV host read the impression that he touched the age of 40 years of destiny struggling hard pioneer. However, he vowed to keep a promise inviolate. From sixty to seventy years of age, the two old people leave the hometown, picking up the debts; after 17 years of sincere return home, Yi newspaper folks. In order to allow future generations to stand up to your! Here are the “Inner Mongolia people” – Tian xiang. 20 years of time and space change. An indebted country, Yuandun liar even “shocking national heart, warm steppe, to highlight the” spirit of the times and spiritual qualities of Inner Mongolia people “voice, as if time is a joke to the people. All in all, all because of a picking up old conscience. To pick up the junk, but also money folks Time back to 1981, the beginning of reform and opening up, allow and encourage some people to get rich. Keen to do business Xiang Xiang moved. In the hill out of the ditch, Chang village first private store — “Limin” store opened hair transplant hong kong. The business is booming. Soon, Tian Xiang head Fair has been set up in rice processing plant, Hanging noodles factory. Expanding the scale of production, Tian Xiang turnover funds. What should I do? Tian Xiang began to borrow money from the villagers. He found the neighbor Zhu Lanrui, borrowed a few thousand dollars, money paid 2 points of interest. Since then, the good folks have spare cash, have taken the initiative to lend him the door, earn some interest. With money, Tian Xiang has been set up in the starch factory, farms, bought a double cab of agricultural vehicle run transport, the greater the stall shop more. FengFengGuangGuang Tian Xiangcheng famous for the large. However, the market economy is like a heartless monster, suddenly opened a bloody mouth to Tian Xiang, the moment he ate. November 1991, a fellow once again sent 500 yuan, take the initiative to lend Tian xiang. But less than 20 minutes, the man came back to ask for money, shouting that Tian Xiang’s business will be yellow. Tian Xiang insolvent in the village news, instantly spread, for a time, Tian Xiang home, shop, packed with people dun. Tian Xianghao explained at the same time, hastily called family economic accounts calculations. One count, Tian Xiang dumbfounded, blind investment, let Tian Xiang in a total of 10 years, more than and 130 households borrowed money, remove the fixed assets worth a few million yuan, the middle poor more than 170 thousand yuan in the hole”. Tian Xiang meng. At that time, a million households, can not ah, let alone 170 thousand yuan! Tian Xiang hurried to Chifeng City, looking for girls to borrow money from banks in an emergency. However, near the end of the year, banks to stop lending. A few days later, Tian Xiang loans did not wait until the hands, but the bad news of a big family farm transport vehicle is away, more than a dozen Hanging noodles machine, rice processing machine was carried out, more than and 20 pigs were driven away, even the warehouse accumulation of flour, starch, Hanging noodles, has also been creditors looting empty. Misery ensued. Tian Xiang wanted to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through legal channels, but to become a defendant, squatting prison. 6 months later, after verification by the judiciary, Tian Xiang does not constitute fraud, was acquitted, but the debt must be repaid year after year. The huge debt pressure, with the eyes of the villagers again, get back home and Tian xiang. Tian Xiang to pay a rented more than and 30 acres of potatoes, but it would not rain, from early to late tired one year, not only did not harvest, even the seed lost ielts test. Repay no hope of Tian Xiang met villagers, always a smile said: “please rest assured that the hardware folks short of money, I was begging Tian Xiang will also drag stick!” Tian Xiang has been over sixty years old, destitute, again no money left with nothing whatsoever. Many people have no hope at all. Some people angry, mouth shout: “you lie this old guy, also say they earn money to repay debts, what do you take?” Scold Tian Xiang rendered speechless. 1993 first lunar month fifteen, Tian Xiang secretly called his wife to the side, said a premeditated idea: he went to Shenyang to pick up scrap, but also the father of the Pro Pro money! It turned out that Tian Xiang thought of others said to pick up in Shenyang to make money, good mix! Moreover, such a large age, no one is willing to work, only to pick up the broken.


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