The early 80s of last century, Zhejiang Shaoxing a secondary school has a girl named Sheng Danli, the results have been one of the best. Her sophomore year, once the school organization autumn tour, to the city of Kam Lake dermes. Sheng Danli character quiet, do not love slapstick, and a few good female students together in the lake wandering. Is walking, suddenly heard behind someone said: “I ask, you called Sheng Dan Li? Sheng Danli turned a look, but ran behind a boy. This man grow tall and handsome, although the clothes simple, but whole body up and down clean up very clean, people looked Dayton good impression. So, Sheng Danli replied: “Yes ah.” This boy said he called Chen Qingyan, heard Sheng Danli school is the best students, would like to ask her a few learning problems.   Sheng Danli good temper, others have any questions, she was happy to answer. Just said a few words, Chen Qingyan suddenly said: “You have a white hair, I helped you pull.” Then, will reach out and pull the root hair. Sheng Danli was shocked, the edge of the female students also scolded: “how do you this person?” Chen Qingyan then opened. After that, that female students said Chen Qingyan is a new class of students next door, I heard that Hunan, sports is also good, but the results are very poor, a small quiz also test the last countdown, so private people Said he was “embroidered pillow a bunch of grass.” Autumn after a few days, is the mid-term exam. This year’s midterm papers are particularly difficult, many people are worthy of complaining, Sheng Dan Li also feel difficult. But after the results published, she is the first grade. But after the announcement of the results of the afternoon, the class teacher let people call Sheng Danli to the office. Sheng Danli a little uneasy to the teacher’s office. See her come in, the class teacher on the door, low asked: “Sheng Danli, you honestly, yesterday ‘s papers you are not seen to others? Sheng Danli hear inexplicable, said yesterday is difficult to test, their own finished test questions, time is coming, and no longer able to carefully check, how can time to others to see? The class teacher listened to her so, but also just exclaimed: “Do he really so at once so well?” Sheng Dan Li asked in the end is how the matter, the class teacher said that because of the new class next to Chen Qingyan things. Chen Qingyan this test is not too good, but has been ranked in the middle of the class. He was just a while before the test was the last count of the first class, all of a sudden progress so many people are suspicious dermes. Chen Qingyan’s class teacher carefully looked at his papers, but found a doubt, Chen Qingyan’s papers did not finish, but the volume is very clean, a few questions done clearly, or even too clear. Which has a problem, the whole class to do only a dozen people, he actually wrote a little bit right, the next question is relatively simple, but he did not write. His class teacher to suspect that he is plagiarism, and then a few class teacher will do a dozen sheets of puzzles on the examination of the test paper and found that Chen Qingyan problem solving steps and Sheng Danli exactly the same, then the next, Chen Qingyan Made a few other questions is also made by Sheng Danli, and the steps are the same. They concluded that Chen Qingyan is copied from Sheng Danli’s papers, but he and Sheng Danli is not the same class, the middle of the examination did not go out, how is it copied? The only possibility is that Sheng Danli secretly passed the answer to him. Because Chen Qingyan looks quite handsome, two class teacher suspected Sheng Danli and his puppy love, so will help him. But after asking Sheng Danli, it seems that there is no such possibility. So the two class teachers, although very skeptical, but can not be determined Chen Qingyan is plagiarism, can only be agreed after the examination will strengthen his supervision company registry hong kong. And then tested several times, each time Chen Qingyan’s papers are always with Sheng Danli similar, but in any case can not find his evidence of plagiarism, the two class teacher angry and anxious. Fortunately, Chen Qingyan also have self-knowledge, each time to maintain a moderate level, did not let the class teacher embarrassed. Unconsciously, a semester is coming to an end, all students are nervous to prepare the final exam, Sheng Danli also dare not neglect. But the girl is more than a boy trouble, is the monthly leave to come. Examination day, Sheng Danli’s small abdominal pain as a knife in general. And so finished the last course, she could not bear the pain, in the examination room fainted. The supervisor was shocked and rushed to help her to the infirmary. Just go out, next door class is chaos, there are individuals fainted in the examination room, it is Chen Qingyan. Actually fainted two students, the teachers are very nervous, school doctor check a bit, said Sheng Danli is an ordinary dysmenorrhea, Chen Qingyan is suspected to be acute appendicitis, need to immediately send the hospital first aid. At this time, Sheng Danli’s parents heard the news came to see her much better, was about to take her home, suddenly there was a middle-aged man hurried over and asked: “You are Sheng Danli students? Sheng Danli said, middle – aged people boo breath, said: “Sheng students, I was Chen Qingyan ‘s father, you must help, give me a hair to save my son. Sheng Danli’s father was very angry on the side, snapped: “You man nonsense what, my daughter and your son have anything to do?” Middle-aged but can not say anything, but insisted that Sheng Danli if not to hair, that Chen Qingyan will have to die. Sheng Danli is very good, see middle-aged people are anxious sweat are down, then pull the root hair to him. Middle-aged man to go, after a while, but met him with Chen Qingyan came. Chen Qingyan had no pain in the face, this time has been muddy if nothing, but his face is full of shame of the color.


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