Looking into China’s regional culture through logos

Beijing – The design concept comes from the Forbidden City and Peking Opera. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn] In China, every province or city has something special that distinguishes itself from others. That something special may be the amazing natural scenery, fantastic human creations, renowned landmarks or even celebrities dr bk laser. When talking about Beijing,… Tovább »

How to make Qingming dumplings

A tomb-sweeping dish of mugwort and red bean marks day of homage to ancestors It’s time to sweep some tombs and eat some dumplings. The Qingming Festival falls on April 4 this year. It is a day for paying homage to ancestors. But frankly, as living, hungry people, we are more excited about the special… Tovább »

New album in eight years

PARIS – Ryuichi Sakamoto, the pioneering Japanese electronic composer, has announced his first studio albumin eight years that is inspired by Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky serviced apartment hong kong. The 65-year-old artist, who has scored films including The Last Emperor, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence and more recently The Revenant, will release the album, async, on… Tovább »
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