Even if the years are sad, do not regret once

Leaves leave, is the pursuit of the wind, or the tree does not retain? We came to this world quietly, and then quietly leave. What will you meet, what you will lose, what you will give up and what you will get. Finally, to calm nuskin hk. Fall in love with a person who likes to travel, you have to bear the drift; love a habit of silence, you have to endure loneliness. In fact, sometimes, knew each other isn’t so care you, but still willing to go with her to fling caution to the winds, wind and rain, we are too addicted to love or not willing to give up? The people who we thought would never leave, finally left, and the feelings we thought we would never run away, finally lost to time. Or, there is no such thing as eternity in the world. Promise this thing too ethereal, believe the promise must know when it lost the moment, how you would like. No one is willing to go to the scars, no one should love out, but later, too many things, let it all to have become incapable of action. I regard you as my whole world, but I am not the only one in your life. Sad? Only the experience of the moment, will feel the pain. Care is too deep or not love the original nuskin hk. Later, every silence is so common; later, every time so cold and so tacit understanding. Gradually, no longer look forward to, gradually, began to despair. No matter how hard you try, there is no way to walk into his life. When you choose to be silent, when you smile, just to cover up the disappointment. If one day, sadness in the heart, and so it is difficult to breathe at the moment you have the courage to say never, whether you are willing to love as the main theme of life. Maybe you’d like to. Why? But too much love, even if the moment is completely disappointed, but also do not give up. We can not grasp the sudden departure of any person, but also can not hide the feelings of a person, eyes for you under the rain, but the heart of your umbrella. Maybe the person you love never know how painful it is to love you. It’s not being in love that makes you miserable, but is being in love suddenly becomes cold. I heard that you never like to explain, but you do not know to carry out the understanding, some people in order to wait for you a number of sleepless nights; you do not know, because you do not mind the attitude of people slowly cool. The real answer is not to ask, do not need to wait for the answer, but at any time, you always want to let each other know all. Because you’re scared of her, because you’re worried she might get hurt. No cheating, no secret, no words; nature, there is no trust. Some people are very simple requirements, but is one town, without any deviation, but is no sentimental undivided attention. If you have been living in the heart of other people, you know how people around you will be helpless, that kind of sad perhaps a lot of people know that if you can not put in the past, why do you hold my hand? A perfunctory hurts the most, if one day I leave, you will not wake up to regret not cherish? In fact, who do not want to lose his temper, but in order to see each other for their own surrender how much space. We all have such a habit, when the contradictions like to talk with thorns, like ignore. Understand your people will put you down, you do not understand the people, to maintain the deadlock, only you disappointed service apartment hong kong.


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