A breath of mountain air

Muyang village’s well-preserved environment has become its greatest selling point in recent years. Liu Xiangrui and Liu Kun report in Yichang, Hubei. Situated on a mountain top and approachable only after more than an hour’s drive along zigzagging mountain roads from the nearest town, Muyang village is a favorite destination for visitors job vacancy hk. A natural environment, refreshing air, picturesque mountain views and the clear water of its famous Muyang Brook draw people to experience life in this village, which lies near Sandouping town, in Yichang in Central China’s Hubei province. The village is home to more than 2,000 people, who live in settlements in the mountainous area, which varies in altitude from 300 to 850 meters. The villagers traditionally depended on farming and silkworm breeding for their livelihoods, according to Liu Ping, the Party secretary of the village. But in recent years, the village’s well-preserved environment has become its greatest selling point. “People love nature and want to get close to the clear water and green mountains,” says Liu. “Protecting the environment is our core task while developing nongjiale (agri-tainment). The natural environment is the thing that brings the tourists here.” The village receives up to 300 visitors a day in summer and is very crowded on weekends. Many visitors are from neighboring cities. They come after hearing about the natural environment here, says Liu reenex. Ai Shihua, 83, a villager who has spent his entire life in the village, says he has seen big changes in the lives of the villagers in the past decade thanks to tourism. Now living with his son in a home that is equipped with modern appliances like a TV and a refrigerator, Ai helps the family run a farmhouse restaurant that they started in 2009. “The visitor numbers increase every year,” says Ai, who looks after a parking lot that the family built beside their home. They earned more than 12,000 yuan ($1,846) from parking fees alone last year. During the peak season, which runs from May to October, the family can earn up to 800 yuan a day just by providing food Derma 21 hard sell.


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